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HBS: Our Journey from Home to the World

In 2018, Rana Al Hussaini, in Jeddah, embarked on her natural cosmetics venture. She aimed to blend efficacy with natural purity in her beauty products. Starting from her home, Rana's passion for organic ingredients led to the creation of her homemade products. These products, made with care, soon became favorites among her customers.In 2022, Rana took a major step forward by partnering with one of the top factories known for its natural formulations. This collaboration aimed to refine her products while staying true to her original vision. The result was 'HBS' – Hair Body Secrets. This brand combines traditional knowledge with modern innovation, honoring nature's gifts. Each product reflects Rana's evolution from her initial steps to working with experts in natural beauty. HBS is more than a product line; it's a story of growth, a blend of nature and science. It invites customers to discover the wonders of nature, crafted meticulously for quality and experience. Join us in this journey of passion, innovation, and celebrating natural beauty.