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Ethical Buying

Ethical Buying

At HBS GROUP, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of our products. We believe in nurturing creativity, not only in our product development but also in how we source our ingredients. Our mission has always been to use the finest, safest, and most ethically sourced ingredients.

Our dedicated procurement team actively seeks out the best materials from around the globe. This often involves innovative thinking and problem-solving, ensuring we acquire premium natural raw materials, safe synthetics, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. We strive to exclude harmful ingredients, like Palm oil, from our products, showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

We recognize the importance of respectful and ethical purchasing, prioritizing both environmental sustainability and the social impact of our sourcing decisions. Our approach includes:

- Workers' Rights: We advocate for fair labor practices, including workers' rights to unions, fair pay, and safe working conditions. We stand against child labor and discrimination, ensuring ethical practices in our supply chain.

- Environmental Stewardship:** We prioritize organic and sustainable sourcing, careful not to endanger species or ecosystems. Our practices are designed to minimize production emissions and resource usage, avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

- Animal Protection: We firmly oppose animal testing and commit to using only vegetarian ingredients in our products.